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Creative Child Therapy Workshops provides practical training and resources for therapists working with children and families. Our workshops are hands-on and fun, providing therapists with lots of creative and engaging ideas for children aged four to twelve years. We also offer several online programs. New and experienced therapists from a broad range of backgrounds have enjoyed our playful and purposeful approach.

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Hands-on training and creative ideas for therapists working with children and families, throughout Australia.

Online Programs

Self-paced online courses that you can complete wherever and whenever you choose.

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Activities, templates and ideas for working with children and families.


Creative Ways to Help Children Manage Big Feelings and Creative Ways to Help Children Manage Anxiety.


Blog posts sharing therapy ideas for children and families


Vlogs sharing some of our ideas for child and family work.

About Us

Dr Suzanne Barrett and Dr Fiona Zandt are both Clinical Psychologists with over 40 years experience combined working with children, adolescents, parents and families.

Latest News

Playing it together: How cooperative games support connection and help children develop emotional regulation.

Cooperative games are games in which players need to work together in order to win the game. One of the simplest examples of a cooperative game is working together to keep a balloon in the air. The experience of doing this as a family or as a team means that you tend to experience the…

Three Ways to Play Totika

Totika is a commercially available game developed for use in therapy. It’s a stacking tower game like Jenga, however the blocks are coloured and it’s played with a pack of cards with questions corresponding to the colour of the block moved.  It’s the commercial therapy game that I play most often in sessions with children,…

Shape and mould – Using playdoh in therapy with children.

Playdoh is one of my favourite mediums to use with children in therapy. It can be shaped to be anything you want it to be, which makes it endlessly useful and adaptive. Playdoh is obviously terrific for free play, however it can be used to work with children on areas such as perfectionism and flexibility…

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