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Creative Child Therapy Workshops provides practical training and resources for therapists working with children and families. Our workshops are hands-on and fun, providing therapists with lots of creative and engaging ideas for children aged four to twelve years. We also offer an online program. New and experienced therapists from a broad range of backgrounds have enjoyed our playful and purposeful approach.

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Hands-on training and creative ideas for therapists working with children and families, throughout Australia.

Online Programs

Creative Ways to Help Children Manage Emotions Online Program.

Free Resources

Activities, templates and ideas for working with children and families.


Creative Ways to Help Children Manage Big Feelings: A Therapist's Guide to Working with Preschool and Primary Children.

About Us

Dr Suzanne Barrett and Dr Fiona Zandt are both Clinical Psychologists with over 35 years experience combined working with children, adolescents, parents and families.

Latest News

My new TV and a really helpful question for family work.

We’ve always had one TV in my house.  My thought has been that we can negotiate and compromise and that this is, indeed, an important thing for us to do as a family.  I’m certainly not about to judge others for the number of televisions they might have, however it worked for us.  That was,…

Using picture books in therapy with children.

There are so many wonderful picture books that can be incorporated into therapy. Many children enjoy books and the experience of being read to can often feel nurturing. Books also have a normalising value: their existence implies that other children have experienced similar difficulties and helps the child to feel less alone in their experience.…

Using recycled materials for therapeutic crafts.

I often look carefully at my household recycling before deciding whether to place it in the recycling bin. It often holds many items that can be re-purposed for craft activities in therapy and is an economical way of providing the child with something they can take home at the end of the session. I’m finding…

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