Creative Ways to Help Children Manage Anxiety

Ideas and Activities for Working Therapeutically with Worried Children and Their Families

Coming October 2020 from Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London

I invite you to enjoy this wonderful book that Doctors Zandt and Barrett have created for all of us grownup therapists who need a kickstart for our imagination. They have taken the complicated ideas that explain how anxiety works in the body and mind and created fun, memorable ways to explain and experience what happens when a child gets anxious and what to do once anxiety occurs.

From the Foreword by Dr Karen Cassiday, President of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Ebook available now!

Creative Ways To Help Children Manage Big Feelings

A Therapist’s Guide to Working with Preschool and Primary Children

Published April 2017 by Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London.

Help children to stay on top of “big” feelings like anger, sadness and anxiety with this ingeniously easy-to-use therapy toolkit. Focusing on making therapy for children both purposeful and playful, the book provides 47 activities to transform your sessions using everyday materials and a variety of tried-and-tested therapy models.

“This text provides an excellent guide which will be useful for inexperienced and experienced therapists alike, based on clinical experience and practical, engaging methods. It promotes a thoughtful orientation to working with children and includes a broad range of creative activities for use with children and families.”

Professor Vicki Anderson, Head of Psychology, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

“A wonderful book for both new and experienced practitioners across all disciplines. With a focus on family inclusive practice throughout it also emphasises the role of parents at home. Easy to read, and the interventions are both creative and inspiring! An extremely valuable resource for anyone working therapeutically with children.”

Fran Craig, Mental Health Social Worker, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, Melbourne, Australia.

“This is an essential handbook for mental health professionals working collaboratively and respectfully with children and their families. It outlines playful therapeutic approaches to help children identify and communicate difficult feelings and to develop effective coping strategies.”

Dr Deborah Hutchins, Clinical Psychologist, Psychology Department, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

“The authors of this book, both clinical psychologists, have harnessed children’s love of play to provide an invaluable therapeutic resource for clinicians. The outcome is a user-friendly guide to a host of developmentally appropriate creative and, importantly, fun activities to assist with the therapeutic process in children with social, emotional and behavioural problems….This is an engaging resource based on solid evidence and clinical acumen by two experienced clinical psychologists and, while it is a wonderful addition to child psychology, it will also appeal to and enhance the therapeutic practice in a range of professionals working with children.”

from foreword by Associate Professor Lesley Bretherton, Co-ordinator of Clinical Psychology, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia.

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