Really, really, really good PD. Everyone was still VERY engaged at 4pm – that says a lot!!!

Loved it! Practical and useful

Expert knowledge and experience of the presenters was incredibly useful! One of the most practical workshops I’ve been to.

Engaging and practical workshop that inspired my thinking and added to my skill set/tool box for supporting children with anxiety and their families. Appreciated the experience of exploring the activities with like-minded colleagues

creative 7

I have found this course very accessible and practical which has been great – I have a lot of ideas/activities I am looking forward to putting into practice with clients.

creative 6

Fantastic. I could do it at my own pace and repeat parts I wanted to clarify my thinking about. It was really pleasing to realise that as an OT, not a psychologist, that a lot of activities I’m already using could be extended or used in a different way to help children work though some of their tricky feelings, whilst still feeling comfortable that I’m staying within the bounds of my expertise.

creative 4

Amazing. The activities and ideas are practical and very easy to apply….I feel I have done the best course. I have already started applying many ideas with the children I work with and excited to apply more.

creative 3

It was helpful to see the activities from the book used in vivo. Online was a helpful way of completing some learning in my own time

creative 2

I found this course highly enjoyable, practical and relevant, with so many good takeaways to apply to my work with children, families and schools!

creative 1

I highly recommend this course to get the creativity of clinicians new to working with younger children flowing!

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