Workshops – Childhood Anxiety – 01

“Provides both the conceptual framework and the practical skills any clinician working with children and families will need to deliver therapy that is effective”

Workshops – Managing Emotions – 08

“I have already purchased the book last year and found today a practical way to have a go at the activities and consolidate my understanding.  I’m excited to go and try with my clients.”

Workshops – Managing Emotions – 07

“All the different exercises were fabulous!  I loved the interactive nature of it, helps me learn better.  I loved the example ‘toolkit’ presented”

Workshops – Managing Emotions – 02

“Very practical and hands on. Presenters were very knowledgeable and clear, as well as entertaining…. Incredible. Probably the best I’ve been to”

Workshops – Managing Emotions – 01

“The practical aspect was really high – so useful to come away with concrete ideas… This was one of the most engaging and useful workshops I’ve ever attended!”

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